The best things in life are free…

So here’s the thing, life likes to constantly throw challenges at me. Much like everyone I’m sure. A reoccuring theme seems to pop up time and time again throughout all these troubled times,

1) My mum is always right.

2) My best friend Abigail, never fails to cheer me up.

3) All the best things in life are free.

These being the small things like having a giggling fit & not really knowing why, having a chat with Abigail & feeling able to manage and become ever so optimistic about all lifes problems afterwards.

Anyway, so firstly why mum’s are always right, they never fail to prove their crazy oracle like knowledge and wisdom, everytime something comes along that you were hoping wouldn’t, that thing they warned you about, that you were too ‘clever’ or ingnorant to see. And still in their inifinte wisdom they do not take the time to boast, but simply suggest further methods of correcting these mistakes, or making you feel like there’s far more to go forward with. This advice of course is one we take fully in hope of the future looking a bit brighter.

So there’s mum’s, yes, mum’s are always best, always correct, and always there for you . But sometimes a best friend provides that little something extra. I’m not so sure everyone will know exactly what I’m talking about because I think – no no.. I’m sure it would be very unlikely for you to have as great a best friend as I have in Miss Abigail  Banville, she is something quite special indeed. And together, we are something quite, well unique (what some may call weird.. but we would call kookie, or querky, orrr ‘original’) anyway, irrelevant of what others think, as far as we go, we are THE best of friends… And we share in a relationship very few would understand. Basically… I’m not too sure where I would be without her anymore.

So here’s my small, free but very heartfelt gratidue to you my darling…  (which many people probably wont understand, nor many think makes for a very good blog,  but which hopefully is as individual and bloody fantastic as you).

Abigail Banville (a ha!) spends her days (besides doing her vast amounts of uni work, eating, sleeping and doing other general doo-dahs..)  just making me laugh my socks off & laughing with me… generally not about a whole lot, and I’m 100% sure no one would understand our random ways, I think we just understand eachother in our weirdness… In the best way, of course.

Laughing is what we do best, we seem to have this inexplicably amazing ability to always pick each other up. Even through the worst of situations, such as one I may have just stumbled across. However bad, and oh yes this was bad, quite awful, quite heartbreaking, however I still find myself here, sitting on the bed with TV on and the company of her quite content in the fact we will keep eachother going, throught out it all, without judgements, just advice, relentless support and lots of cups of tea and galaxy bars.. because chocolate and friends never faulter. 

Thank you soooo much for everything, Love you missy xXx


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The black day..

My hero, the man I looked upto, who taught me how to ride a bike, bought me sweets, defended me endlessly and loved me  and all of his huge family so fiercely. Patrick Joeseph Foley, my Grandad, has passed away. My favourite person, my Idol, has left us and words do not, cannot, do justice to his name, his character, his achievements and his impact on mine and so many others lives and his unfaling faith.

At peace with his depature, the pain doesnt seem to leave, how do you pay tribute appropriately enough to someone who has played such a vital part of your life and in bringing you up to the person you now are. How do you thank some one, when you can’t even express thoroughly enough the grief and sorrow and selfish loss you feel.

Peace comes in knowing he is at once with the love of his life and all those dear who have gone before him.

The tradgedy seems unending, and to draw strength from those who loved him most is all I can do, to draw strength from family in knowing we have all suffered the same loss. In knowing we all gained so much from having him in our lives, his wise brilliant simple words of wisdom, his relaxed personality and ever glinting michievious eyes in our lives seems something that will be; though unspeakable to loose, a far greater tradgedy  and loss to have never had. That personality which we all drew strength, widsom, happiness and love from. The man who made me smile through everything and picked me up, made me feel safe, secure and loved beyond belief. Rest In Peace Grandad.. You were and will endlessly be a part of my life, my future, everything I am now and everything I will grow to be… x


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…me, myself & I.

They say two things in life are for certain, death and taxes. A little depressing, but each to their own.. I say two things for sure in life are family and tea. ( Well a multitude of other things also, but they’ll come later.) I currently find myself in a situation where both of these life long necessities have popped their heads up to comfort and console me, like a sweet cup of tea with a biscuit. Whilst I learn a lesson in life, love and just how hard being independent, broke and heartbroken can be…

 Well thats what the death and taxes people would say. I will say they have yet again, both family and tea, risen to the occasion to introduce me to ‘coffee’, the stronger, harder, though undoubtably nicer smelling , version of tea. With the phrases ” stiff upper lip” and “You just have to say, fuck it! and move on” , both coming into play, my strength and coping capabilities are, along with stress levels, at an all time high, but I remain certain to the fact this is a huge life lesson; being a somewhat less than rich, over worked and underpaid independent woman, I can take pride in the fact I cope. I take  it as it comes, learn what I can and move forward from it. I know for a fact that many people would have ceased to be bothered at this stage in their lives, found it all much too hard and moved back home, but… Well ,I’ve come this far, no point wasting the effort.

My  reasons for staying away are not because I dislike home, I love home and miss every little bit of it.  Amazing food, having the heating on, good constant company and bottomless hospitality, with the people who understand me and my constant needless chit chat, and who greet it with open ears, endless cups of tea, slices of cake and half an hour goodbyes. But one must fly the nest, and try, in this case incredibly hard, to embrace all the freedom that was once dreamed of at fourteen.

 Difficult when the house I’m living in is colder than outside, the fridge is never holding the goodies I long for on opening it, and my bank balance would make many assume I do not work at all, and therefore I cannot afford the longed for goodies. No, not quite the original plan, but if everything does happen for a reason, which I believe is true, then … well something good is bound to come from it, I’m not talking ‘pot of gold’, or ‘genie in a bottle’,  just as a person I’m going to be, well… a *Foley.



*For those of you who are not sure what this means, well lets just say, there’s nothing they can’t do, nothing they do by half, and nothing that can’t be enlightened by two little words,  from a very wise and unspeakably brilliant man… This has been my strong hold through everything.. “Survival Survival.”



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